Mato Tomato Girls is a family run, grass-roots homestead, where organic is a lifestyle.

Heather, Selah Mae, and Micah work together to create a variety handmade and homegrown goods. We offer farm fresh produce, canned goods (pickles, fruit jam/jellies/butters, cowboy candy and much more), baked goods, sewn and crochet Plushies, jewelry, and goat’s milk soap with homegrown loofah. Mato Tomato Girls is proud to offer the freshest and best products we can make and grow.


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Please fill out the form below and we’ll reach out regarding available spaces.  We are looking for vendors in the Medina County and surrounding areas who sell homemade, homegrown, and/or handmade items. Eco-friendly
businesses are also encouraged to apply. We want to support small local businesses as
well but have limited spaces for the retail and food/catering category. We are no longer
accepting MLM businesses.

This form does NOT need to be filled out more than once. If accepted, we will add you to our vendor list. We send out one monthly email to remind you of the upcoming market. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to allow us to share your contact information to customers who inquire about you or your product. If at any point you would like to be taken off this list, please let the Market Coordinator know. 

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