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My name is Blair Terrill and I am one of the co-founders and head maker at Acorn Road Soap Company, LLC. Our soap making adventure started while I was staying at home during COVID-19. I was eager to get busy with my hands, so I started creating my own soaps. I was wanting to use ingredients that I could actually pronounce and that’s exactly what my heart and my skin kept yearning for! So as a gift to myself, I created my first couple of batches on my birthday in September 2020. Our soaps are plant based and are made with coconut, palm, and safflower oils. We also use plant derived glycerin, which is a natural byproduct of the soap making process that draws in moisture. When coloring our soaps we use skin safe colorants such as micas, activated charcoal, titanium dioxide, natural clays, turmeric, and dried botanicals. We make our soaps in small batches to ensure quality and we do that right in the front room of our home. Each bar is individually cut or removed from silicone molding, wrapped, and then labeled. We also make whipped soap, bath bombs, and bath soaks. Our goal is to create beautiful plant based soap and body products with luxurious clean fragrances without the yucky unnecessary junk. We want everyone to feel good about what they put on their skin.
When it comes to buying bath and body products we want you to feel safe about the ingredients. Above all, your skin is your largest organ and what you apply to it affects everything else within your body. Our soaps are: - Plant Based - Toxin Free - Phthalate Free - Hypo-Allergenic - Non-Comedogenic - Biodegradable - No Animal Testing - No Animal Products - Vegan - Gluten Free - Soy Free - Paraben Free - No SLS or SLES We purchase food grade oils (originating from plants) that are farmed by sustainable growers Our raw materials are Non GMO Made in the USA!
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