A Flemish term of endearment—Schattenbol is a combination of everything we love about our family farm, past & future.

- Our History -

It all started at the barns. When Maurice “Shotsie” DeCock sold his land to Kelly Air Force Base, he moved his family to Castroville, TX and bought 285 acres to farm. They immediately erected a barn and lived in it for almost a year until their house was built in 1956.
Shotsie got his nickname from his brothers whom he always tried to one up. He was quite the “hot shot.” But in Castroville, this name took on new meaning. It was often confused with the German word “schatzi” which means sweetheart. It suited him well and he must have preferred it because he never corrected anyone. He became the local sweetheart.
Shotsie was incredibly proud of his Belgian Heritage, his meticulous fields, and his family, but there was nothing he loved more than his Irene. Together they had eight children: Patsy, Michael, Kathleen, Mary, Maurice Jr., David, Frank, and Maureen. There are more memories and stories from the barns than could ever be shared, and we hope you all will continue to add to them.
Shotsie and Irene’s legacy will remain through the barns, as Schattenbol at DeCock Farm.
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