Mama Bears Elderberries

My elderberry is your daily wellness shot, immune system booster , natural approach for allergies , cold/flu, any inflammatory , natural pro biotic for that optimal gut health and so so much more . I feel the use of elderberry has grown exponentially due to the fact it's a natural product with healing and medicinal properties. I have grown my business from starting out using with my family to now shipping throughout the US and visiting weekend markets , truly growing my "Market Family" My daughter was in the NICU for over 4 months with 4 extensive surgeries. Coming out from the hospital the only issue she ever had was tummy problems. Specifically digestive issues . Any over the counter meds caused more problems so I looked for an alternative . My Penny just turned 4 and is thriving , elderberry has changed our lives and I love sharing this with other families . I use only organic wholesome ingredients, zero preserves and my only sweetener is Bexar County honey .
Organic Elderberry Made fresh weekly in small batches San Antonio Mama of 2 Immune system boos Daily Wellness "shot" Natural cold/flu allergy relief Natural pro biotic Anti inflammatory High in antioxidants Removes mucus from lungs, sinuses, and body Natural diuretic
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