Wreaths By Nicole P

My business was started only a short time ago, beginning in July 2020. During this time, the Air Force was switching its’ uniforms from the Airman Battle Uniforms to the Operational Camouflage Pattern. In a Women Veterans’ Facebook group, I asked what I should do with the uniforms. A popular response was to make a wreath, but I had no idea how to even begin creating one. I asked my crafty mother, who encouraged me to bring home my uniforms during a trip home, and we would come up with a plan. Sure enough, the prototype was born, and I posted a shoddy picture of me with a messy bun and over-sized tee shirt onto the veteran page. After having an alarming amount of comments beg for a wreath, a business was born! Since that time, I have made over 2000 wreaths, sent to all ends of the country. ​ These wreaths are not JUST a decoration. Each tells a story and honors military service from all six branches, and I am honored that I can the closing chapter of that story. As a veteran of two services, I understand the significance of military service and will make sure to uphold the highest standards of honor to your military service.
All wreaths are created from donated uniforms. No uniform donation is required to purchase a wreath, however, if you’d like yours used, that is also an option! There are many options to customize the wreaths. I also sell ornaments and other pieces of WbNP merchandise.
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